Transport facility is provided to students in selected routes. School vehicles ply to pick up and drop the learners at their respective locations. The conveyance is smooth and convenient to the learners with a teacher in each vehicle. The parents are advised to share the respective location map of their residence during admission.

Science Lab

A well-equipped science lab with all the necessary apparatuses and installations is set-up to provide controlled conditions in which scientific experiments are performed. The Alif Science Lab creates a ventilated comfortable environment for all to perform and exhibit scientific research.

Computer lab

A highly set computer lab at Alif serves as the centre for teaching computer science and AI to the students by the IT expert. Furthermore, the lab provide time and space to cultivate practical knowledge and skills of young learners.


The school library at Alif has a vast collection of resources and books accessible to the students and faculty. The library provides the students and teachers with a range of reference books and editions in a sophisticated learning environment.

Art room

The Art room encourages each child to be exceptional and unique in their craft while they learn an assortment of art forms acquainted by the teacher. The art room consists of all the required art and craft materials along with the presentation of beautiful and astonishing art works created by the students.

Medicare and Counselling

The school steps ahead in ensuring access to primary health care and providing a system for dealing with medical emergencies. Specialized medical practitioners and counsellors are available for regular service in the campus.

School Canteen

A well-managed and hygienic school canteen provides healthy and tasty eatables to pupils and staff during the school working hours in the campus premises.

School Store

It is mandatory for the parents to purchase all textbooks, notebooks and the school uniform from the school store to keep the uniformity and the standard of each item. Store remains open during the working hours of the school.

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